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About us

About us

A guarantee of satisfaction

We offer a unique experience… come see and try our products in the middle of the forest… and not in a showroom… And that even on Saturdays (always by appointment) since very often we are working and having fun with our products anyway!

As I love wood and the forest so fond of silviculture and logging… all over the province passionate and determined people like me use our products and have fun doing it. They know that our products are SIMPLE to offer maximum autonomy, safety, reliability and performance.

Why Choose Us

Security an obsession ... or almost

We are aware that there will always be a danger when working with forest products, however we believe that we can minimize the risks… And our products have several safety mechanisms that prevent accidents as much as possible. Each year we have refused offers to sell products that we ourselves would not like as a customer. We are not the biggest… and it is not our intention to become so!



Quality Before Quantity

Like us, our customers want a product that is affordable to buy and operate with impressive performance and above all simplicity in operation… For us, this is a reliable and efficient product, so the performance will follow.

Grison Forest Products

Unparalleled service… Our reputation = Your satisfaction

The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us. And we are the pioneers in Quebec in the sale of simple and SAFE equipment with minimal environmental impact, Our service does not end at the time of the transaction, our first customers still contact us regularly for information and advice. The GOAL is to have fun and not problems, even less disappointments!

– Oki-Doo