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Bed Size LWH 79″ x 46″ x 15.75″
Overall LWH 134” x 50” x 54″
Shipping Crate 87″ x 45″ x 24″
Crate Weight 650 Lb.
Ball size 2″
Tire size: 22×11-10
Battery included

Not for road local trail only (VTT)

Not always in stoke (call before)

  • Assembly service

    Add Ski kit

Pay a deposit of 500.00$ per item



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RR608 is a hydraulic dump trailer that has a ton of features. The trailer tongue is designed with a pivoting ball hitch ensuring that the trailer and your machine function and ride independent of one another. It also features a greaseable fitting. The dump box is galvanized and has a rear swing gate, like a dump truck. Not only is the tail gate removable allowing you to haul longer loads but the sides are also easy to remove converting the unit into a mini flat deck. The RR608 is versatile!The complete chassis system connects to a heavy duty, tandem walking beam axle system. 6 ply off-road ATV tires. The walking beam suspension utilizes one pivoting pin that comes with a greaseable fitting.

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