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EcoPro 200


EcoPro200 Firewood Processor comes ready to work and is loaded with features


  • Hydraulic Ram w/10 Second Cycle Time

  • Hydraulic driven 20″ Chainsaw Bar & .325 Chain

  • Maximum Log Diameter 14″

  • Maximum Splitting Length 24″ (adjustable)

  • Adjustable 2-4 Way Splitter

  • No Conveyor

  • Hourmeter

  • Emergency Kill Switch

  • Folds Up Easily for Transport around the farm (Not for road local road only)

  • Not always in stoke (call before)
Pay a deposit of 500.00$ per item




More information

The Range Road EcoPro200 cuts and splits wood in a single operation. Its operating speed enables it to produce 1  smal cords  per hour depending option. It can accommodate round log diameters of up to 14 inches  up to a max length 20 inches The EcoPro200 is small brother from EcoPr0300
The main difference between the Ecopro200 and its larger counterpart is that he have no conveyor it’s less  speedy, it features a Rato motor instead of a Kohler, and it’s tailored for smaller firewood production needs.