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EcoPro300 Firewood Processor comes ready to work and is loaded with features


  • Hydraulic Ram w/7 Second Cycle Time

  • Hydraulic driven 20″ Chainsaw Bar & .325 Chain

  • Maximum Log Diameter 16″

  • Maximum Splitting Length 24″ (adjustable)

  • Adjustable 2-4 Way Splitter (6 way in option)

  • 10″ Wide Conveyor Belt

  • Hourmeter

  • Emergency Kill Switch

  • Conveyor Speed Control/Shut Off

  • 2″ Coupler

  • Folds Up Easily for Transport around the farm (Not for road local road only)

  • Not always in stoke (call before)
Pay a deposit of 500.00$ per item




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The Range Road EcoPro300B cuts and splits wood in a single operation. Its operating speed enables it to produce over 2  smal cords  per hour depending option. It can accommodate round log diameters of up to 16 inches  up to a max length 22 inches The EcoPro boasts numerous features ensuring the safety of those operating it and aiding in firewood processing.