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– Accepte des billots de 30″ de diamètre (29″ de coupe)
– 2 rails de 7 pieds (total de 14 pieds en fer angle de 3×3)
– Rails supplémentaires disponibles.
– Moteur Vanguard de 14Hp (version commerciale de Briggs & Stratton) à démarrage manuel
– Ajustement de la hauteur à manivelle.
– 2 ensembles de griffes de serrage.
– Lame de 167 pouces.
– Embrayage à commande centrifuge.

Plus 5 free blade

This sawmill must be ordered call for info
– Roulement de la lame sur téflon.
– Poids (chariot et base) 1000 lbs.

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HFE -30 portable Sawmill is the perfect addition to any farm, ranch or woodlot. This workhorse will make your standing or downed timber in to fencing, flooring, out buildings, furniture, boat docks and more, the possibilities are endless! Produce all the lumber for your project for a fraction of what it would cost you at a box store. Imagine how handy it would be if when you needed a few boards or several, you could just saw it up right on the spot. Handling log diameters up to 30” you do not have to back down from many of the larger trees. The HFE-30 a great combination of affordability and size.

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