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– Accepts 60″ diameter logs (56″ cut)
– 52 inches between the 2 guides
– Can make pieces of 27 square inches
– 1 section of 20 foot Heavy Duty rails
– 34 HP Diesel engine
– Blade lubrication water tank including adjustment valve
– Adjustable blade guide for an even more precise cut
– Adjustment of the cutting height using an electric winch

This sawmill must be ordered call for info
– 2 sets of clamping jaws (additional available)
– Centrifugal clutch
– Bearing of the blade on teflon
– Motorized handling (winch to raise and lower the head) and advance

This sawmill must be ordered call for info

Pay a deposit of 5,000.00$ per item



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The Hud-Son Oscar-60 sawmill can turn large logs into masterpieces like wide slabs for table tops, bars, mantles, counter tops and more. With the wide capacity of the mill amazing cut outs from tree burls, stumps, odd shaped logs and more is all possible. The Oscar 60 mill comes standard with a variable speed feed driven on the heavy duty track system. This big mill comes with big power with a 34 HP diesel engine cradled on the gusset plated 4 post frame. Open your opportunities up with many custom projects such as conference tables for large corporations and tables and bar tops for theme based bars and restaurants. Custom work is where the profits are, allowing you to cut the product that 95% of all the sawmills out there cannot handle!

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